Our science program educates students to use inquiry as a tool to understand scientific concepts and master the skills to appreciate and embrace the ever-expanding body of scientific knowledge.

Consistent with the philosophy and requirements of the New York State Science Standards, the Archdiocesan curriculum urges active learning in which students:

  • Describe objects and events

  • Ask questions

  • Acquire knowledge

  • Construct explanations of natural phenomena

  • Test those explanations in many different ways, and

  • Communicate their ideas to others

We believe there is a strong coherence between religion and science in grasping the mechanics of nature. We teach students that a strong Catholic faith does not exclude one from seeking scientific knowledge, and that science can help humans better understand and appreciate the wonder of God’s creation. We incorporate church teaching and doctrine into discussions of scientific ethics and moral decision-making as it relates to being good stewards of the earth.