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Our Staten Island schools are witnessing incredible Math and ELA proficiency alongside innovative technological resources in the classroom.

The Staten Island Region is exceedingly proud to report that their elementary school students outperformed both New York City and New York State schools in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math this year. The region’s focus on professional development for teachers, which over the past year has emphasized the application of data to enhance classroom instruction, continues to be a significant driver of this growth.

Blended learning has now been successfully implemented into 13 schools across Staten Island, with Google ChromeBook laptops accessible to students in grades K-8. As we integrate innovative technology into our classrooms, instructional coaches from Educate LLC offer their continued support to our teachers, 20 of whom earned the distinction of Google Certified Educator and are proficient in using Google for Education tools to enhance their lesson plans.

Applying iPads and the Blackboard learning system utilized by top universities across the country, the Seamless Online Learning Experience (SOLE) provides our middle school students with a platform to participate in college-level programs. The region’s partnership with SOLE also offers students the opportunity to compete in an annual Robotics contest, a region-wide event that allows students to explore the computer science field and its applications in our globalized economy.

Schools across Staten Island continue to make a special effort to celebrate our shared Catholic faith. Inspired by the Young Catholics Uniting America initiative, our Regional Catholic Identity Committee held an inter-school essay contest challenging students to write openly and creatively about their faith. In addition, the region’s Golden Cross for Education Breakfast, which hosted 460 guests, honored the many community and spiritual leaders who have made an impact on our Catholic schools this year.

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