Michael J. Deegan, Superintendent of Schools

Michael J. Deegan has served the Church in Catholic education for almost forty years. He has taught at every level from elementary school through college and was a Catholic school principal for twenty years. In 2004, Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York, appointed Mr. Deegan Director of Inner City Schools to work with the 122 elementary and secondary inner-city schools of the Archdiocese.

Mr. Deegan was appointed Superintendent of Schools in September 2019, after having served as Interim Superintendent since April 2019, and as Deputy Superintendent of Schools since 2013. Mr. Deegan is a graduate of St. Philip Neri School, Bronx and Rice High School in Harlem; holds a bachelor’s degree from Iona College, a master of science in education from the College of New Rochelle and completed his post graduate studies at Manhattan College and Fordham University. Mr. Deegan is the recipient of numerous awards including the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Compassionate Educator Award, the John J. Bruno Catholic Service Award and is the Brother Edmund Rice-Christian Brothers of North America Centenary Partner Honoree.

Letters From the Superintendent

Back to School 2019

I am blessed and excited to welcome your family back to school for the 2019-20 academic year. Our tireless, dedicated team of professional Catholic educators have been working throughout the summer to prepare for yet another year where your child will encounter Christ each day and will experience academic excellence.

As a lifelong Catholic educator, this time of year fills me with excitement and anticipation of the great successes our students will achieve. We will no doubt find ourselves continuing on an upward trajectory, as our technology-driven curriculum enables teachers to tailor the learning experience for each child based upon his or her specific needs.

This upcoming school year will see a continued focus on teaching the whole child, addressing the physical, emotional and mental health of our students. We will also continue to enhance resources for special education, after school programs and early childhood education. All of these programs and services support the foundation of our mission; imparting the Catholic values handed down by the greatest teacher of all, Jesus Christ.

Catholic schools have been leading the way since we established organized education in New York City more than two centuries ago. Today, that tradition continues as we carry on the legacy of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Saint Frances Cabrini and those who have followed to sustain academic excellence synonymous with our great institutions.

I wish your family all the very best and God’s blessings for a safe, healthy and successful school year.


Michael J. Deegan
Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York

Welcome to the Catholic school system of the Archdiocese of New York, one of the largest and most diverse in the nation. For two centuries, we have taught and nurtured children from varied backgrounds, especially those new to our land. In doing so, we have successfully provided our students with the life-changing opportunities that are inherent in a Catholic education, opportunities that excite, encourage and inspire, and most importantly, which foster a lasting relationship with Our Lord.

Over the years, our graduates have made impressive contributions in the fields of law, medicine, government and business, and assumed leadership positions in corporations large and small. We are most proud, however, of how our students consistently demonstrate our values by bringing the commitment to service learned in Catholic schools to all that they do, enriching their families, parishes and communities.

With our shared community of faith as our inspiration, the Superintendent’s Office is committed to strengthening Catholic education for the future.  As we position our schools to grow and thrive in the 21st century, we continue to implement our strategic initiative, Pathways to Excellence, to chart a fresh, bold course for our newly regionalized school system that will ensure excellence in all aspects of Catholic education throughout the Archdiocese.

We encourage parents and pastors, principals and parishioners, business leaders and benefactors to join with us as we build on our Catholic school tradition for a new era.


Michael J. Deegan
Superintendent of Schools

Pathways to Excellence

Throughout two centuries, the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of New York have maintained a steadfast dedication to educational excellence and Catholic culture rooted in faith, service and personal responsibility.

Inspired by that tradition, a three-year strategic plan, Pathways to Excellence, was initiated in 2010  to help the elementary schools of the archdiocese fulfill their critical mission as Christ-centered, academically excellent and welcoming communities.

Implementation entailed careful study and candid assessment of the school system’s strengths and areas for potential improvement. Designed not only to preserve, but advance Catholic education in New York, Pathways outlined critical objectives and realistic strategies to ensure the long-term success of a healthy system of fully-enrolled schools grounded in the Catholic faith.

One of the most ambitious – and necessary – strategies of this wide-ranging plan was to keep Catholic schools accessible and affordable by transitioning most elementary schools from the historical parish-based school model to a more sustainable regional one.

With regionalization, every parish, even those without a school on the property, and those whose schools remain parish-based, has a voice and an investment in the Catholic schools in their communities.

To serve students throughout the archdiocese, Pathways to Excellence embraces present challenges as an opportunity for change and renewal. It envisions current and upcoming leaders who will provide the bold, creative and energetic direction that will sustain the mission of Catholic education for generations to come. Pathways to Excellence reaffirms that the support of Catholic education is a communal, ecclesial duty that extends beyond the parents of school children and the parishes where schools are located.

Now, everybody is doing their part, sharing responsibilities and working together to ensure a bright and vibrant future for Catholic education in New York.