Catholic Schools: The Journey Starts Here

Have You Considered Sending Your Child to Kindergarten at a Catholic School?

  • Online admissions for the 2024-2025 school year are open! Financial assistance is available at participating schools. The earlier families apply, the sooner they will receive notice of their financial aid award for 2024-2025. Click on the button below to apply online now.

Your children will enjoy individualized attention in a safe, caring and structured environment designed to help students succeed academically through intellectual growth, and personally through emotional and social growth.

Kindergarten at a Catholic School engages kids in learning while having fun in class. Together with their classmates, Kindergarten students will:

  • Build literacy, math and science skills;
  • Enjoy learning-oriented play and field trips;
  • Participate in community service projects to help others;
  • Grow socially, emotionally and spiritually; and
  • Be successful in Elementary School and beyond

Bringing Values into the Classroom

Catholic school teachers help students to:

  • Recognize themselves as individuals with unique qualities
  • Become able to express their feelings, needs and opinions

As early as Kindergarten, Catholic school students:

  • Learn about caring for others and those in need
  • Engage in service projects with the greater school community

Catholic school students:

  • Engage in daily prayer
  • Receive religious and spiritual instruction that form the basis of faith that lasts a lifetime

Preparing Kids for Elementary School and Beyond

Students are immersed in literacy through:

  • Daily literacy instruction – including reading and writing stories for teachers and classmates
  • Language skill development: speaking, listening, English grammar and usage

Students are immersed in math through:

  • A strong emphasis on the use of manipulatives – objects that are designed to help young learners learn about mathematical concepts through hands-on experience;
  • Daily whole group discussions involving number identification and comparisons, and problem-solving
  • Reasoning and working with other students to solve problems

Students are exposed to science through:

  • Multiple STEM/STREAM schools
  • Live experiments at school
  • Working with robotics – like the new Dash and Dot pilots for Kindergartners

Kindergartners have an opportunity to participate in technology, art, music, gym, robotics and other enrichment programs each week, taught by specialist teachers who promote age-appropriate activities in class.

Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning

  • In addition to making Wi-Fi, SMART Boards and Chrome books available, the Archdiocese is committed to expanding Blended Learning – which integrates modern technology with traditional classroom instruction – across all our schools.
  • Today’s technology gives teachers additional resources to tailor their lesson plans according to the learning styles of each student in their classroom.

Additional Programs Enhance Learning and Growth in Young Students

  • A wide variety of after-school programs are available, and most schools offer extended hours to accommodate parents’ schedules
  • The additional, daily exposure each day to new activities infused with values and faith, gives young children an edge in their development as thinkers, leaders and members of their communities
  • As a school system rooted in the Catholic faith, we are committed to providing a learning environment that is safe, inclusive and welcoming for students with special needs
  • We have made concerted efforts to serve the needs of students who rely on individualized education services plans (IESPs) to meet growing demand from parents everywhere

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Online admissions for the 2024-2025 school year are open!

Scholarships are available at participating schools: the earlier families apply, the better their chances of receiving financial aid for 2024-2025. Click on the button below to apply online now.