The Catholic schools in the Archdiocese are subject to local transportation policies in the ten counties we serve. While local stipulations apply, the general policies are outlined below, including an important quick action guide for non-public schools busing students with diabetes.

Schools outside of New York City:
In most places, students are bused by their local public school district to any non-public school within 15 miles of their home. NOTE: In the cities of Yonkers and White Plains, children are not bused out of the city.

New York State Education Department (NYSED) nonpublic school handbook and manuals

State transportation obligations to nonpublic students

Information regarding late bus requests

Appeals process for transportation decisions

Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island:
Students in grades K-6 use the New York City Board of Education Transportation Yellow Bus Service. Parents can contact the New York City Department of Education (DOE) to see if the distance from their home to the school qualifies their child for busing. Parents should contact their school principal to determine if their school participates in the yellow bus or MetroCard program.

DOE student transportation search engine

School bus delays

Transportation service calendar

Transportation service (“variance”) applications

Parent Resources

IMPORTANT NOTE: Quick Action Guide for Non-Public Schools Busing Students with Diabetes

Notice to all nonpublic school leaders that receive busing through the Office of Pupil Transportation New York City Department of Education by COB:

In order for trained DOE-contracted bus drivers and attendants to be able to administer glucagon to a student with a Diabetes Medication Administration Form (DMAF) on file with the Office of School Health during a diabetes emergency on the morning or afternoon school day route to or from school, the driver and attendant need student-specific information. DOE utilizes a new diabetes resource called the Quick Action Guide (see below) for this purpose, which contains student-specific instructions for the trained bus driver or attendant to respond to hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia while the student is on the bus.

Non-public school staff are encouraged to direct parents of students with a DMAF who receive busing to complete the Quick Action Guide in consultation with their child’s health care provider. The non-public school leader/designee would then promptly provide the completed Guide to the bus driver, and if applicable, attendant.

Please then also promptly provide a copy of the completed Quick Action Guide to