We are committed to educating the mind, the body and the spirit of each of our students. Physical education is an integral part of a child’s total education. Our curriculum is based on National and New York State Standards for Physical Education and incorporates strategies from other Catholic diocesan school systems.

The program develops the students’ motor skills and helps them learn the importance of lifetime involvement in physical activity, including individual and team sports. And it’s a fun break from the academic challenges of the day.

We believe that all students can learn exercises and games, regardless of their physical ability. Our teachers offer students choices of engaging activities that enable them to master basic movement and life skills and then progress to more strenuous exercises. The program teaches the value of cooperation, perseverance and teamwork.

Schools use age-appropriate equipment to help students participate in safe, invigorating activities. Ultimately, physical education sharpens each child’s physical, social and psychological skills.