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Dear Friends in Christ,

Our Catholic school system continues to thrive thanks to the laudable work of our visionary leaders. Our students are flourishing with the immense devotion of our teachers, principals, administrators, boards, committees, pastors, donors, parents and guardians whose passion is evident in the forward-looking investments that are bolstering our schools.

As we work to strengthen the time-honored traditions that define Catholic education, you, our many stakeholders, form the cornerstone of our growth.

This year, we witnessed the benefits of technology-infused learning come to fruition. Our classrooms  were transformed into state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments and our students were equipped with the tools not only to succeed in their future careers but also, to make meaningful contributions to their communities in accordance with the call of the Gospels. We continue to be blessed with outstanding educators and administrators who are attuned to our students’ needs and are called by the Lord to their extraordinary vocational service. Above all, we witnessed our young men and women grow spiritually as they joyfully embraced a personal relationship with Christ and by their education in the faith.

Never more relevant than in today’s world, our Catholic schools are defined by a mission to shape the heart and soul as well as the mind. This year marked a particularly challenging time in our nation as we responded to a series of heartbreaking natural disasters. When I think of how some of our most underprivileged students sprung to action to help our brothers and sisters in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico, my heart swells with pride. I can hardly think of a better example of the conscientious and charitable young people our schools strive to produce.

Though our constituents are diverse, here in the archdiocese we have a storied legacy of working together in pursuit of a single uniting purpose: to provide students with an excellent education rooted in our faith. None of our successes would be possible without your dedication. Thank you for your steadfast support in bringing inspiration, focus, and innovation into our Catholic schools this year, and for many years to come.

Faithfully in Christ,


Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York