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Our Dutchess schools are energized by capital improvements and a new program emphasizing the literary arts.

The Dutchess Region remains dedicated to building thriving and academically excellent school communities through transformational leadership. Our teachers and administrators enrolled this year in an in-depth professional development course at Mount St. Mary College which focused on two strategic initiatives: fortifying a STEM curriculum and applying data analytics to enhance classroom instruction.

Even as we build out our STEM curriculum, our Dutchess schools continue to enjoy a special relationship with the Poughkeepsie Public Library System through our participation in the Little Read Program. This year, Native American author Joseph Bruchac volunteered his time to present his work to our elementary schools, with every student receiving their own copy of one of his inspiring children’s books. It was a chance not only for our students throughout the region to work together on an interdisciplinary project but also for children to hear an author talk about the writing process.

Our Dutchess schools have been re-invigorated by a number of major capital improvements, including a new playground at St. Peter School in Hyde Park. With beautification completed over the summer through the volunteer efforts of parents and families, renovations were truly a school-wide and community effort. The space, which includes a state-of-the-art four-panel rock wall, elevates the entire school by creating a learning environment where students can interact while safe, stimulated, and inspired to learn. Thanks to a generous donation by the by the Claudio Cares Foundation, St. Mary School in Wappingers Falls has a brand new technology lab.

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