The special programs listed below are offered by our Catholic schools and range from resources for students with special learning needs to drug prevention and cultural sensitivity. Please click on the available links to learn more:

Safe Environment Program
Trains school employees and volunteers in the detection, prevention, and reporting of child abuse

University Partnerships
Professional development opportunities at local Catholic colleges and universities for teachers and principals

Curran Catholic School Leadership Academy
Prepares excellent classroom teachers to be next generation of Catholic elementary school leaders

Champions for Quality Education
An “adopt-a-school” program benefiting designated inner-city Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of New York

Special Education
Resources for students with special learning needs

Catechist Formation
Equips Catholic school teachers with Level I and Level II Catechist Certification, which enables them to know and teach Catholic doctrine, scripture and worship

Information about special pro-life events, including upcoming student leadership workshops and guest-speakers, committed to building a culture of life by educating peers on the pro-life and chastity messages and developing new leaders

Child Nutrition
Information on student meal services provided by Catholic schools

Substance Abuse Prevention
Offers schools and parishes educational programs for children in grades K through 12 to prevent the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol and help students make healthy choices

NYS Divorced Parents Program
Offers divorced parents information, ideas and strategies for dealing with their new family situation and focuses them on their children’s needs.