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State-of-the-art technology is changing the way students are learning throughout Ulster, Sullivan, and Orange counties.

In addition to notable gains in math achievement, students now have greater opportunities to develop digital literacy, set personal goals, work collaboratively, and practice self-governance when doing independent work — real-world skills that will serve them well throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Both St. Stephen-St. Edward School and Kingston Catholic School extended their blended learning program to now include kindergarten through 8th grade. In order to expand the blending learning, both schools have upgraded the number of Chromebooks and other equipment. Now technology is used more consistently across the grades and each school’s technology equipment is comparable with that of their local school districts.

Several of the schools in the Ulster/Sullivan/Orange Region participated in a new digital resource called Discovery Education. This resource helps to accelerate student achievement by appealing to a student’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. A benefit to using this resource is that it helps teachers to meet the needs of their students, whether it is helping to close an academic gap or moving a student beyond a topic that they have mastered.

In order to complement their experience with Discovery Education, Sacred Heart in New Windsor enhanced their technology with the installation of Smart TVs in each of the classrooms. Smart TVs are interactive boards, which also are used for streaming educational content.

The desire to succeed academically in our schools is matched by a desire to be of service to our brothers and sisters in Christ. St. Stephen-St. Edward School in Warwick was awarded the Loukoumi Foundation Make a Difference Award in June 2018 in recognition of their wonderful charitable work through their school-wide service project for Mary’s Meals, an organization which provides one healthy meal in a place of education for a child. St. Stephen-St. Edward’s school, with the help of the parish community, has raised over $40,000 since 2014, through collecting bottles and returning them for the five-cent return. These funds have helped to feed more than 2,000 students for an entire year. St. Stephen-St. Edward School is honored to have a school named for them in Blantyre, Malawi in recognition of their charitable works.

Ulster/Sullivan/Orange Region

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Patron Saint Isaac Jogues

Patron Saint Isaac Jogues

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