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Our U/S/O schools are graduating students not only with a strong foundation in English and Math, but also an eagerness for serving others in accordance with the Gospels.

Technology is changing the way U/S/O students learn. In addition to notable gains in Math achievement, students have also had greater opportunities to develop digital literacy, set personal goals, work collaboratively, and practice self-governance when doing independent work – real-world skills that will serve them well throughout their academic careers and beyond.

Many U/S/O schools have “gone Google” by adopting G Suite for Education. Built on the premise that students learn better as creators of content rather than passive consumers of information, G Suite provides an environment for teachers and students to collaborate, create, and share using Google Tools including Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Classroom. Teachers can give digital assignments via Google Classroom, tailored to specific student interests and needs.

St. Stephen-St. Edward School in Warwick has incorporated Catholic values with academics through their involvement with Mary’s Meals, a global movement that provides food for school children in some of the world’s poorest communities where poverty prevents children from getting an education. Students at St. Stephen-St. Edward fed approximately 3,500 children in Malawi and Liberia for an entire school year.

Professional development this year has maintained a sharp focus on Eureka Math. Presenters from Great Minds, Eureka’s parent company, traveled to the U/S/O region to provide grade-level professional development on topics including Major Work of the Grade Band, Preparation and Customization, and Solving Word Problems.

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Patron Saint Isaac Jogues

Patron Saint Isaac Jogues

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