The English Language Arts curriculum develops literacy skills and the use of language for personal growth and to achieve full participation in society. The program is consistent with the philosophy of the National Council of Teachers of English and meets the requirements of the New York State Common Core Standards in English Language Arts.
We promote a continuum of language arts learning from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade that reflects the developmental needs of students as they become more proficient in both skills and content.

In each grade, our program addresses the four components of English Language Arts:

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Writing

  • Speaking

We explore literature, develop language skills and focus on the structure, function and mechanics of clear writing. Our teachers engage students through practice, direct instruction and encounters with exemplary models of language.

The English Language Arts curriculum in our Catholic schools prepares students to live a life of witness to the call of Jesus. Language allows us to articulate the inner moving of the spirit and share ideas with others, and that expression is cultivated and encouraged in the classroom. We also incorporate our values and ethics as Catholics in the discussion of religious and secular literature.