Catholic School Night at New York Boulders

On Friday, June 17, 2022, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan hosted New York Boulders Catholic School Night in support of the Catholic School Region of Rockland. A great time was had by all, and we thank everyone for coming!

Catholic School Region of Rockland 3rd Annual Catholic Schools Breakfast

On Thursday, March 31, 2022 the Catholic School Region of Rockland hosted its 3rd Annual Catholic Schools Breakfast at The Pearl River Hilton. This special event honored Mary Leahy, CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital, and presented her with the Our Lady of the Rosary Leadership Award. We also presented the St. Dominic Legacy Award to both Sister Stephen Gerard, O.P. and Margaret Hamilton. Proceeds went to support scholarships, capital improvements and technology enhancements in Rockland Catholic Schools.

About the Rockland Region

Each young soul in the Rockland region is a unique child of God.

The approach to education – both academic and religious – in the Rockland region is delivered with precision to each student. Students now have greater opportunities to develop digital literacy, set personal goals, work collaboratively, and practice self-governance when doing independent work. These real-world skills will serve them well throughout their academic careers and beyond due to the upgrades in technology in our Rockland regional schools. All of our regional schools have returned to their MAP testing schedules which consistently reflected growth in both Math and ELA. In all grade levels of MAP testing, we can project achievement percentiles indicating success on all NYS Math & ELA Assessments.

Our Rockland regional schools showed continued growth for our youngest students where particular academic initiatives were implemented. The opening of the new Office of Early Childhood, which focuses solely on early childhood education in the upper counties. Road maps and academic environments that are consistent with the New York State Education Department P-3 Continuum were created in order to give children a solid start in school. These road maps, along with enhanced professional development for the teachers and the addition of cutting-edge furniture and materials thanks to donations from Lakeshore and our other partners, helped to increase the program quality which lead to this increase in enrollment in our early childhood programs at all of our Rockland Regional School:  St. Anthony-St. Paul School, St. Gregory Barbargio School, and St. Margaret School.  Of particular mention is the model at St. Anthony-St. Paul School which is one school, two campuses; students in Grades PK – 2 attend at the Valley Cottage Campus, while students in Grades 3 – 8 attend at the Nanuet Campus.  This building specific makeup allows each campus to focus on grade-level specific focus but maintaining a larger school family.

While our innovative academics produce future productive citizens, the values-based mission of our Catholic schools is to provide an education in how Jesus wants us all to behave and to put our children on a path to Heaven.   Each of our Regional Schools, while navigating normalcy post-pandemic, immediately returned incorporated outreach to their communities. Whether it be Food Drives, Toys for Tots, Essentials for Veterans, our school families went back to what they know best – service.

Rockland Region

32 W. Nyack Road
Nanuet, NY 10954

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Regional Superintendent

Cathleen Cassel

Professional Staff

Kelli DeRocha (Director of Enrollment)
Charles Sabella (Finance Manager)

Board of Trustees

Ms. Gloria S. Toal (Chair)
Rev. Thomas Madden (Co-Chair)
Rev. Joseph Deponai
Rev. Robert McKeon
Rev. Roman Dominik Palecko
Rev. Eric Raaser
Sr. Michaela Connolly
Mr. Frank Borelli, Jr.
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Ms. Cathleen Cassel (Ex-Officio)
Mr. Charles Sabella (Corporate Secretary)





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