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The schools in Rockland County continue to enrich their local communities by uniting around their Catholic identity and spearheading new programs to provide our students with every opportunity to succeed.

Each of our Rockland schools celebrates masses and prayer services throughout the year, particularly during the Advent Season. At St. Gregory Barbarigo School, students and the faculty held an Advent Retreat and Day of Reflection. All of the students participated in a wide range of Advent-related activities, including spending prayerful reflection time in the Adoration Chapel and celebrating Mass together.

This past November, thanks to the generous support of one of our donors, St. Paul in Valley Cottage purchased 30 new ChromeBooks and has utilized them for invigorated classroom instruction. ChromeBooks, driven by Google’s top-of-the-line operating system, deliver different online educational applications for the benefit of students and teachers. With this innovative technology, our students and teachers are engaging with the curriculum and assignments using cutting-edge software and applications, placing a wide range of instructive opportunities at their fingertips.

Many of our schools have also expanded their extracurricular offerings this year. For example, Sacred Heart School in Suffern spearheaded an initiative to offer violin lessons and even formed an orchestra for its students. With this outlet, students have a unique opportunity to exercise their creativity and challenge themselves to hone new skills and talents outside the classroom. St. Paul’s also added Mock Trial and Student Council to their list of extra-curriculars. Both the Mock Trial and Student Council programs inspire students with crucial lessons about civics and working together to accomplish worthy goals.

Embracing a strong presence in the community is also a source of pride for our Rockland schools. St. Paul’s initiated a new “Story Hour” activity that is open to small children, particularly those too young to attend Pre-K. This gives prospective parents the opportunity to interact with our principals, faculty, and students and to see the academic, personal and spiritual benefits of our Catholic schools first-hand.

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