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Our Rockland schools are setting a new standard of academic excellence in the local community.

Our Rockland schools are building on their strong track record of consistent academic growth. St. Margaret of Antioch School in Pearl River surpassed New York State proficiency rates grade-for-grade in both ELA and Math exams for 2017. In several grades, St. Margaret’s Level 3 & 4 proficiency rate over 50% greater than New York State scores.

All of our schools are driven to create a stronger curriculum that is better positioned to prepare our students for success after graduation. St. Gregory Barbarigo School in Garnerville has developed an accelerated Math curriculum beginning in grade 6 that allows high-performing students to enroll in high school-level Algebra by grade 8. In addition, both St. Gregory Barbarigo and St. Paul Schools have taken the initiative to develop their own classroom technology programs. At Sacred Heart the Pre-K/UPK program has expanded enrollment to 54 students. They are a part of the Kindergarten Initiative integrating technology through blended learning into the curriculum.

Throughout Rockland, the number of Chromebooks and other devices available to students has grown significantly, and schools like St. Anthony School in Nanuet are making use of new computer labs with Lenovo Yoga convertible laptops and tablets.

In partnership with the Ulster/Sullivan/Orange Region’s professional development cooperative, this year has focused on two strategic priorities: effective implementation of the new Eureka Math curriculum, and a shift from content-based learning to competency-based learning. We look forward to even greater improvements in our students’ academic proficiency as a result of these investments.

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