The music curriculum recognizes that arts are unique forms of knowledge and expression that allow young people to give creative and critical expression to their deepest thoughts and insights about themselves, God and the world. The program meets the National Music Standards and the New York State Standards for the Arts.

 We teach the skills and concepts necessary to read, make and appreciate music at every grade level and integrate music into other subjects, including social studies.

 We divide our program into six components of musical theory and performance:

  • Rhythm

  • Melody

  • Harmony

  • Expression

  • Form

  • Timbre (tone quality)

Because of the importance of music to the Catholic Church, we have integrated sacred music into our curriculum. Our students study works of sacred music from many aspects, examining them liturgically and musically as well as meditating on the texts. In hearing, singing and playing spiritually enriching music, students develop their creative voices and a deeper understanding of our rich cultural heritage.