The Northeast-East Bronx Excels When Everyone Believes

“Believe” is the continuing theme of the Northeast/East Bronx Catholic Schools — believe in yourself, your ability to excel academically, creatively, and in your lifelong relationship with Christ.

This year, the Northeast/East Bronx principals, teachers and students embraced the 5 “E’s” of inquiry based learning. Our students were encouraged to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate in their teaching and learning.

Students were actively Engaged with challenging situations across all content areas. By accessing the student’s prior knowledge, thought-provoking questions are asked among the students themselves. Students then Explore or “investigate” possible problem-solving techniques through rich “student talks” or discourse. Students are then able to Explain their thought process to fellow classmates. When the students themselves Elaborate on their thought process, they are able to share the various ways of finding a solution to all challenging situations (Evaluate).

We believe that Christ is guiding our students and staff members in all they do, and that each of our students can learn and achieve despite challenges they encounter — poverty, language barriers, learning disabilities, or lack of technology at home. We believe that our students — each a unique child of God — can and will excel spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically.

Northeast/East Bronx Catholic schools are placing particular emphasis on increasing digital literacy using innovative new methods and technologies, while also tapping into our students’ natural artistic potential. Our staff and faculty endeavor to engage our students individually, because we know that taking every opportunity for personalized instruction, one student at a time, increases the prospects for academic success.

The “Fundations” reading program is increasing literacy and fluency among students, and our Learning Ally has been expanded to more schools in our region, giving more students access to audio and online textbooks.

The Enhanced Special Education program initiative at St. Frances de Chantal School continues to provide a certified special education teacher who is working with students with learning disabilities, as well as their teachers, to optimize their pedagogical talents. Our online math program, DreamBox, continues to be available in every school in our region! The benefits of this program were so impressive that we had to offer it to every student.

Northeast / East Bronx Region

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Patron – Servant of God, Terence Cardinal Cooke