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This year in the Northeast/East Bronx region, teachers have embraced new math and drama initiatives as welcome complements to the instruction taking place in the classroom, and students are eager to take part!

As in many other regions, several Northeast/East Bronx schools adopted the Eureka Math Curriculum and have already documented positive performance results from its fundamentally innovative approach to math instruction.

In conjunction with Eureka Math, the blended learning program has expanded primarily due to teacher demand. Holy Rosary Principal Maryann Fusco described how teachers find the teaching model engaging and beneficial for providing enrichment, reinforcement, and remediation for students. After a handful of teachers piloted blended learning in their classrooms, Mrs. Fusco reported that many of the other teachers who observed its benefits were eager to incorporate blended learning in their own classrooms.

This innovation has clearly piqued students’ interest, as evidenced by the creation of an after-school Math Club at Holy Rosary for students in 6th-8th grades. The club has a robust following at 39 members, and aims to cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of math.

Students at St. Francis of Assisi in Wakefield are also enthusiastically signing up to join the school’s newly founded Drama Club Program, whose motto is bringing “Broadway to the Bronx.” Principal Marc Silva founded the club as a completely “hands-on” musical theatre experience. It runs the majority of the year and students meet three times per week, including weekends, to practice choreography, rehearse, design their own costumes and learn the musical score for the upcoming show.

In addition, the Drama Club has taken advantage of an innovative alumni-student partnership by reserving stage crew positions for alumni who help run these plays with current students. With the committed support from the entire school community, the students are able to put on an assortment of performances throughout the year, including annual appearances at Cardinal Spellman’s Gospel Fest.

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