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Our Northeast/East Bronx schools are exploring the arts while benefitting from innovative classroom technology.

As the region renews its commitment to implementing technological resources in the classroom, our teachers are embracing the unique opportunities of a blended learning curriculum. At St. Francis Xavier, middle school teacher Laurie Ziesel believes that introducing students in grades 6-8 to digital learning primes them for success in high school and beyond. As students become digitally literate, they are also able to improve their researching and writing skills. Students at St. Francis Xavier have also launched their own digital book club, writing reviews and recommendations and even posting “selfies” with their favorite titles as they build their online literary circle. Ms. Ziesel also makes special use of “Story Board,” a digital platform that empowers students of all artistic abilities to explore basic graphic design.

Our Northeast/East Bronx schools also strive to introduce students to the possibilities of creative expression. Santa Maria School is proud to continue a partnership with Dancing Classrooms, a non-profit organization that cultivates skills and values in children through the practice of ballroom dance. Featured in the award-winning documentary Mad Hot Ballroom, the program is internationally known for its social development mission, equipping students not only with the fundamentals of ballroom dance, but also instilling them with feelings of pride, self-respect, and confidence. Vice Principal Shannon expands Dancing Classrooms into a co-curricular writing activity, prompting students to write poems, stories, and reflections throughout the course of a 10-week program that culminates with an inter-school dance competition.

Nativity of Our Blessed Lady School was featured on News12 during a visit from children’s author Andy Bergmann. Bergmann is a volunteer with Page Turners, a program of the Archdiocese of New York that brings local authors and illustrators into inner-city schools. Bergmann and Principal Douglas Klice underscored how the volunteer-based program works to introduce Catholic school students to the power of writing.

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