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2022-23 Elementary School Calendar

August 2022
22 TACHS Registration Opens
5 Labor Day (Schools Closed)
6 First Day of School (Dutchess, Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties)
7 First Day of School (All Other Regions)
19 MAP Fall Assessment Window Opens
7 TACHS Deadline for Applying for Extended Time
MAP Fall Assessment Window Concludes
10 Columbus Day (Schools Closed)
27 TACHS Registration Deadline
Semi-Annual Fall Principals’ Meeting
1 Feast of all Saints (Schools Open)
4 TACHS Exam
10 End of Quarter 1
11 Veterans Day Observed (Schools Closed)
13-19 Discover Catholic Schools Week
15 Archdiocesan Touring Tuesday
24-25 Thanksgiving Break (Schools Closed)
8 Immaculate Conception (Schools Open)
13 Last Day to Complete TACHS Applicant Record
26-1/2 Christmas Vacation (Schools Closed)
January 2023
3 Christmas Vacation Ends (Schools Resume)
4 MAP Winter Assessment Window Opens
10 Archdiocesan Touring Tuesday
16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (Schools Closed)
20 March for Life, Washington, D.C.
27 End of Quarter 2
MAP Winter Assessment Window Concludes
29-2/4 Celebrate Catholic Schools Week
31 Archdiocesan Touring Tuesday
1-4 Celebrate Catholic Schools Week Continues
20 President’s Day (Schools Closed)
22 Ash Wednesday (Schools Open)
28 Archdiocesan Touring Tuesday
3 Catholic School Teacher Appreciation Day
17 St. Patrick’s Day (Schools Open)
28 Archdiocesan Touring Tuesday
31 End of Quarter 3
6 Holy Thursday (Schools Closed)
7 Good Friday (Schools Closed)
10 Easter Monday (Schools Closed)
10-14 Easter Vacation (Schools Closed)
17 Easter Vacation Ends (Schools Resume)
19-21 NYS ELA Exam (Paper-Based)
27 Semi-Annual Principals’ Meeting
2-4 NYS Math Exam (Paper-Based)
3 Catholic School Principal Appreciation Day
8 MAP Spring Assessment Window Opens
11-17 Regional 8th Grade Graduation Masses
18 Ascension Thursday (Schools Open)
26 MAP Spring Assessment Window Concludes
29 Memorial Day (Schools Closed)
9 Earliest Day for 8th Grade Graduation
17 Earliest Day to end school based on four (4) snow days and all holidays listed on this calendar

Spirituality Day will be in the Fall of 2022. Date and time to be determined.

Please note that this is a system-wide calendar. Check your school’s calendar for all school-specific dates.

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