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In Central Westchester this year, the infusion of technology into the classroom and the creation of collaborative partnerships between parents and educators has allowed the region to deliver the highest quality instruction to our students.

The implementation of strategies for parent engagement and professional development for principals and teachers has been a defining achievement for the region. Eight principals from our regional schools, along with the Regional Superintendent and the Instructional Specialist Marie O’Shea, have formed a professional learning community (PLC). The PLC convenes every month to give parents and educators the opportunity to share educational techniques and best practices and to brainstorm ways of improving the region’s successful implementation of the new Eureka Math Curriculum.

The PLC organized a parent engagement night to give parents a detailed presentation on Eureka Math and the meaning of some of the curriculum’s exercises and terms so that parents are better equipped to help their children with their math assignments at home.

The tremendous success Central Westchester has had in implementing Eureka Math, incorporating other new technology into instruction, and engaging parents is due in large part to the incredible spirit of collaboration shared by all the principals and teachers. These excellent brainstorming exchanges have taken place in formal meetings as well as on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The infusion of technology in the classroom has also taken off this year across Central Westchester. For example, Annunciation in Crestwood will have the opportunity to present on a national platform about a new instructional product they are utilizing in their science classes: the Discovery Education TechBook. Students use Discovery Education TechBook- an interactive, digital textbook- to highlight as they go, customize the reading level, differentiate instruction, and complete various comprehension-based activities and assessments.

At this spring’s National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) Convention & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, which is the largest private-education association convention in the United States, Instructional Specialist Marie O’Shea, along with a teacher from Annunciation, will present on the unique ways they have leveraged the product to inspire educators across the country.

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