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Our Central Westchester schools continue to emphasize the newest instructional techniques to ensure our teachers are providing the very best education for our students.

In our Central Westchester Region, as throughout the archdiocese, the philosophies and strategies that underlie our approach to teaching and learning are crucial. Over the past year, our teachers and administrators have made comprehensive professional development a priority, with a distinct focus on applying data analytics to enhance classroom instruction. Our teachers are developing solutions to target each student directly and personally, and were supported in this goal by a seminar with internationally renowned differentiated Instructional Specialist Carol Ann Tomlinson. In addition, our Eureka Math Professional Learning Community (PLC), consisting of eight principals, our Regional Superintendent and Instructional Specialist, continues to convene each month to leverage their experience as we work toward our instructional goals.

Our Instructional Specialist welcomed the opportunity to work with staff at the Windward School in White Plains, exploring new ways to scaffold our students’ efforts in order to expand their Math proficiency skills. Our teachers attended a session conducted by Dr. Jennifer Beasley, Director of Teacher Education at the University of Arkansas, on how best to help our students effectively learn new vocabulary words.

At the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) Convention & Expo in St. Louis, the largest private education association convention in the United States. Michele Loughery, a teacher at Annunciation School in Crestwood, represented our region when she shared her students’ experience with classroom technology including the Discovery Education tech-book, e-textbook simulations, and interactive learning. This year, NCEA selected Regional Instructional Specialist, Marie O’Shea, as a 2018 Social Media Influencer.

Central Westchester Region

86 Mayflower Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801

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Regional Superintendent

Dr. Noelle Beale, Ph.D.

Professional Staff

Kathleen Gallagher (Director of Enrollment)
Ann Golia (Finance Manager)
Marie O’Shea (Instructional Specialist)

Board of Trustees

Mr. James F. Mooney (Chair)
Rev. Arthur Mastrolia (Co-Chair)
Rev. Msgr. Dennis P. Keane
Rev. Msgr. Thomas R. Kelly
Rev. Thomas Collins
Mr. Nicholas P. Amigone, IV
Ms. Alexis Glick
Ms. Lisa Kiernan
Mr. Roger Rooney
Mr. John Tolomer
Dr. Noelle Beale, Ph.D. (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Ann Golia (Corporate Secretary)





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