With a continued commitment to professional development throughout the school year, teachers and leaders in the region have had the opportunity to attend virtual workshops focused on the integration of data-driven instruction, Google Classroom, and problem solving, while always remembering their foundational commitment to faith-based teachings of our Catholic faith. Using this technology to tailor an individual approach to each student allows our leaders and teachers to further embrace the concept that we instruct each student as the unique child of God they are, at a pace suited to them, one child at a time.

To build on the work we began prior to the pandemic, we opened that academic year with a keynote address by author, speaker and educator Mark Anthony Garrett, which still resonates today.  Mr. Garrett’s address spoke to the heart of our Catholic identity and inspired our teachers and leaders with a message of hope, a reminder of the call to the importance of our work as educators and that our Catholic schools are a place that support all learners. Mr. Garrett’s message further built on the strong foundation that already exists in our schools – that we are inclusive places of learning that encourage students to be the best that they can be.

Furthermore, teachers and leaders utilized their professional learning time to analyze student MAP data, making differentiated instruction more meaningful for each child. They also participated in three separate virtual mini-conference days throughout the school year that provided on-going opportunities for professional learning.

With all of our Central Westchester schools using technology in the classrooms, we provided several technologies-based workshops for teachers and leaders to deepen their technology skills and provided several opportunities for teachers and leaders to take workshops to become Google Certified educators.

To fully complement our education, our schools undertook many service projects throughout the school year, holding canned food drives, collecting socks, mittens and winter hats for those in need, and raising money to donate to several causes supported by Catholic Charities. Service opportunities are an essential part of our Catholic Identity, and we strive to provide ways for our students to learn the importance of giving to others.

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