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Technology is an ongoing process and is continually changing. It demands constant learning.

When technology is truly integrated into the curriculum, it is transparent and routine. The use of technology tools are most effective when they become an integral part of how the classroom functions.

Technology resources need to be available and professional development must be continuous, if integration is to happen. Educators need to be familiar with and capable of using the vast amount of technology resources available in this 21st century.

 The purpose of the following website is meant to assist education leaders in their endeavors to improve learning and teaching by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12 and higher education.  “International Society for Technology in Education”, better known as ISTE sets standards for students, teachers, and administrators.

National Educational Technology Standards for Students, International Society for Technology in Education

For more information on Teacher Resources, click Technology at a Glance

Visit great sites offered by the New York State Education Department
The purpose of the New York State Education Department’s Virtual Learning System is to encourage the use of the Internet as a tool for teaching and learning and to assist classroom teachers in locating Internet resources for instruction. VLS offers the full text of New York State’s learning standards with their key ideas and performance indicators, as well as alternate performance indicators for students with severe disabilities. It provides resources that classroom teachers can use to support preK-12 standards-based instruction, such as sample tasks, learning experiences and lesson plans.
Click on the following link to go to the VLS