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The Catholic School Region of the Northwest/South Bronx had a prolific 2017– 2018 school year, and we look forward to expanding on successful initiatives in the coming year.

We are particularly proud of the work we did to grow the Pontifex (“Bridge Builder” initiative) between the NWS Bronx elementary and high schools. New and robust partnerships have been expanded to include:

  • The University of Virginia’s Urban Leadership Program, which encourages elementary school students to debate issues and civically engage, with a Catholic emphasis on ethics?based decision making;
  • The National Catholic War Veterans Association to introduce and strengthen the concept of service learning, and expand Boy Scout troops within our schools;
  • The Culinary Institute of America, which works with our students and faculty members to increase nutritional knowledge and teach cooperative skills necessary to work in the U.S. service industry;
  • Fordham Prep and The Academy of Mount Saint Ursula for the UV’s integration of the Center for Politics and Citizenship; and
  • Fordham University’s Scholastics Program, in which Jesuits in training are deployed into NWS Bronx Schools to mentor, teach, and offer academic enrichment to our children.

The NWS region also implemented discovery education programs in a number of schools in 2017–18, and expanded its MAP development trainings for principals and teachers, which we believe had a direct impact on our increased New York State math and ELA scores.

Other 2017–18 initiatives include:

  • Vertical integration partnerships of shared curriculum with local Bronx high schools and elementary schools;
  • Leadership roundtables to teach students about servant leadership, shared decision making, and community outreach initiatives;
  • Revitalization of the 8th grade Respect Life Day;
  • Increased board member adoption of the “Guardian Angels Program;”
  • A first-annual, four-region PLC for principals on the Charlotte Danielson Framework of Teacher Evaluation and Formation;
  • Continuation of the Laudato Si Initiative in keeping with the Pope’s call for environmental stewardship; and
  • Near finalization of the “St. Patrick’s Partners” program to train and mentor
Northwest / South Bronx Region

2962 Harding Avenue
Bronx, NY 10465

Regional Superintendent

John Riley

Professional Staff

Leslie Guerrero (Director of Enrollment)
Claudia Cabello-Glass (Finance Manager)
Miranda Marques (Instructional Specialist)

Board of Trustees

Ms. Elise McVeigh (Chair)
Rev. Nestorio Agirembabazi (Co-Chair)
Rev. Msgr. Kevin O’Brien
Rev. Joseph Tierney
Mr. Gary Anselme
Mr. Robert Burns
Ms. Victoria Downey
Mr. Edward D. Fitzgerald
Ms. Regina Gallagher Marengo
Mr. Joseph Paul Muriana, Esq.
Mr. John Reilly
Mr. John Riley (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Claudia Cabello-Glass (Corporate Secretary)





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