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Our Northwest/South Bronx schools are collaborating with community partners to deliver expert-crafted learning experiences for our students.

Our students are solidifying their role as tomorrow’s leaders through a new partnership with the University of Virginia’s Urban Leadership Program. As we encourage the young men and women in our care to become engaged, conscientious citizens, the program introduces elementary school students to debate and to civic responsibility with a Catholic emphasis on ethics-based decision making. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in a mock trial competition presided over by a most distinguished Catholic school graduate, the Honorable Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor!

Our Northwest/South Bronx principals also launched the Pontifex Vertical Integration Committee this year. Together, this committee analyzes the learning continuum across elementary and high schools to align curricula and instructional goals. The committee’s intentional collaboration not only creates a pipeline of students for our Catholic school system, but also better prepares K-8 students for success in Catholic high schools and beyond.

Inspired by Pope Francis’ call to be stewards of God’s creations, the Laudato Si Initiative is a student-run program aimed at protecting our environment through community outreach projects and environmental service projects. In the coming year, we look forward to complementing this initiative through a partnership with the Culinary Institute of America.

Our Northwest/South Bronx schools are celebrating Catholic identity through a meaningful partnership with the Fordham University Jesuit Scholastics, who volunteer their time as teaching assistants, mentors, and spiritual guides for our students. These dedicated volunteers stress the Jesuit teaching of “cura personalis” or “care for the whole person,” a philosophy that embodies the Catholic educational philosophy of developing the mind as well as the heart and soul.

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Regional Superintendent

John Riley

Professional Staff

Leslie Guerrero (Director of Enrollment)
Claudia Cabello-Glass (Finance Manager)
Miranda Marques (Instructional Specialist)

Board of Trustees

Ms. Elise McVeigh (Chair)
Rev. Jonathan Morris (Co-Chair)
Rev. Msgr. Kevin O’Brien
Rev. Nelson Belizario, O. Carm
Rev. Joseph Tierney
Mr. Robert Burns
Ms. Victoria Downey
Mr. Edward D. Fitzgerald
Mr. Gregory J. Galligan
Ms. Regina Gallagher Marengo
Mr. Joseph Paul Muriana, Esq.
Mr. John Reilly
Mr. John Riley (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Claudia Cabello Glass (Corporate Secretary)





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