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  • Students in the Archdiocese of New York Catholic School Region of Manhattan

Our Manhattan schools are committed to developing the whole child, introducing a range of enrichment programs from computer programming to performing arts.

Our Manhattan schools are proud to report an impressive increase in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math test scores which this year surpassed both New York City and New York State schools. Over the past three years, our Manhattan schools have seen significant growth in student performance, delivering ELA scores that increased by 16% and Math scores by 7%. We are particularly proud of the progress made at schools like St. Paul in East Harlem. Serving the most economically challenged student population in the region, St. Paul’s students also consistently report the highest test scores in Manhattan.

As the Manhattan Region works to deliver a robust STEM curriculum, Incarnation School is bringing computer programmers into the classroom in partnership with CodeSpeak Labs. Students in grades K-8 are learning the technical skills to begin constructing their own websites and mobile apps as they collaborate, solve problems, and even develop critical skills like public speaking and oratory. Technology specialists offer support to students and staff while serving as mentors who work with our students to visualize the diverse career paths accessible in STEM fields.

Sacred Heart of Jesus was selected to partner with Transcend Education, a national non-profit that supports visionary education leaders and creates breakthrough learning environments. Our leadership team, which is comprised of our Regional Superintendent, school principal, blended learning specialist, and a member of our regional board, is in the process of conducting in-depth interviews with students, teachers, and parents to identify the most urgent needs in the Sacred Heart school community. The redesign plan created to address these needs will be entirely funded by Transcend Education in the coming academic year.

Manhattan schools also expanded their after-school and enrichment programming this year. We look forward to collaborating with Stages on the Sound to bring theatrical productions and performing arts into our schools, with students already rehearsing for their own Shakespeare productions. In addition, students at Our Lady Queen of Angels are learning about the importance of food sustainability as they work to cultivate a new rooftop garden.

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