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Tuition Management Update

This web page will provide communications and instructions that will assist with many billing inquiries you may receive during the year. We will continue to update this page as the priorities in the tuition billing cycle change. We will keep everyone properly informed of any and all policies and procedures as they are updated and or added.

Looking Forward to the 2019-20 School Year

As we quickly approach the New Year we are also preparing for the Upcoming School year. Below find the latest documents on the Tuition and Fees policy that the families will receive when they register for 2019-20.

TMO Calendar

2019-20 Policies

Refund Policy (New for 2019-20):

Withdrawal – Refund Timeframe

The school’s expectation at the time of registration is that all tuition and fees will be paid on time.  Tuition is an annual fee that may be paid in monthly installments.  Tuition must be paid directly to SMART Tuition by the designated due date.


Considerable effort and expense is expended throughout the registration period and continues during the summer months as we plan and prepare for your child’s inclusion in our school community. We understand that plans and circumstances sometimes change. Should you decide to withdraw your child, the following policy applies:

  • If written notice of withdrawal is received by the school on or before August 15, the entire tuition obligation will be waived, and any payments made will be refunded upon written request to the school.
  • If written notice of withdrawal is received by the school after August 15 and the student does NOT attend, 90% of the annual tuition will be forgiven. The family is obligated to pay the remaining balance of 10% of the annual tuition as billed. If payments were made in excess of 10% of the annual tuition, a refund for that amount will be issued upon written request to the school.
  • If a family chooses to withdraw their child(ren) from the school once they begin attending, the family tuition obligation will be calculated as follows:

  • Calculations will be based on the last month in which the child(ren) attended one or more days of school. If payment has been made in excess of the family obligation, a refund will be granted upon written request to the school.
  • Student records can only be provided to the child’s new school upon satisfaction of the tuition obligation.

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