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Thank You for Your Interest in Our Lady Help of Christians School

Unfortunately, Our Lady Help of Christians School in Staten Island is now closed. We hope you will continue to pursue Catholic education for your child at another school within the Catholic Schools Region of Staten Island in the Archdiocese of New York. We encourage you to visit another Catholic school at your earliest convenience to see how your child can benefit from receiving an excellent faith-based education.

A full list of Staten Island Catholic Schools is included below.

For More Information, Contact Our Director of Enrollment

Mrs. Diana Gatto and her colleagues will work with you to find a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of New York that is the right choice for your child(ren).

You can reach Mrs. Gatto by emailing her at: Diana.Gatto@archny.org, calling/texting her cell at 917-650-1171, or by calling our bi-lingual hotline (646) 794-2885 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday to arrange a convenient time for a phone call or meeting.

Staten Island Schools

Street Address: 1305 Hylan Boulevard
Principal: Sr. Sharon McCarthy
Phone: (718) 351-0939
Website: http://www.academyofstdorothy.org

Street Address: 830 Delafield Avenue
Principal: Joseph Cocozello
Phone: (718) 442-3090
Website: http://www.blessedsacramentsi.com

Street Address: 100 Jerome Avenue
Principal: Elizabeth Campbell
Phone: (718) 447-1195
Website: http://www.holyrosaryschoolsi.org

Street Address: 78 Howard Avenue
Principal: Rebecca Giaccio
Phone: (718) 273-9096
Website: http://www.notredameacademy.org

Street Address: 42 Austin Place
Principal: Tara Hynes
Phone: (718) 447-7290
Website: http://www.goodcounselsch.org

Street Address: 285 Clove Road
Principal: Susan Neitzel
Phone: (718) 981-5131
Website: http://www.olmcsb.org

Street Address: 22 Steele Avenue
Principal: Margaret O’Connor
Phone: (718) 351-0370
Website: http://www.olqpsi.com

Street Address: 5411 Amboy Road
Principal: Jeannine Roland
Phone: (718) 984-5750
Website: http://www.olss-si.org

Street Address: 301 North Burgher Avenue
Principal: Celeste Catalano
Phone: (718) 442-0347
Website: http://www.sacredheartschoolsi.org

Street Address: 355 Morningstar Road
Principal: Diane Hesterhagen
Phone: (718) 442-2020
Website: http://stadalbertschool.com

Street Address: 125 Cromwell Avenue
Principal: Bernadette Ficchi
Phone: (718) 351-4343
Website: http://www.stannschoolstatenisland.com

Street Address: 200 Penn Avenue
Principal: JC Kiernan
Phone: (718) 987-0200
Website: https://www.saintcharlesschoolsi.org/

Street Address: 15 Lisbon Place
Principal: Cathy Falabella
Phone: (718) 351-0902
Website: http://www.stchristophersi.com

Street Address: 151 Lindenwood Road
Principal: Theresa Signorelli
Phone: (718) 984-7091
Website: http://school.stclaresi.com

Street Address: 850 Hylan Boulevard
Principal: Lawrence Hansen
Phone: (718) 981-1187
Website: https://www.stjosephhillacademy.com/

Street Address: 50 Maguire Avenue
Principal: Mary Ellen Cilento
Phone: (718) 356-3344
Website: http://www.sjstsjn.org/school

Street Address: 3560 Richmond Road
Principal: Vincent Sadowski
Phone: (718) 979-8815
Website: http://www.stpatrickssi.org

Street Address: 129 Clinton Avenue
Principal: Jennifer Olivera
Phone: (718) 447-1796
Website: http://www.stpeterstpaulschoolsi.org

Street Address: 30 Wellbrook Avenue
Principal: Nicole Fresca
Phone:(718) 761-2504
Website: http://www.stritaschoolsi.org

Street Address: 1632 Victory Boulevard
Principal: Rita Azzopardi
Phone: (718) 448-9650
Website: http://www.saintteresaschool.com

Financial Assistance is available to qualifying families while funds last.

*Note: Click here to find grades and programs offered as well contact information for the 20 Staten Island Catholic Elementary Schools listed above.