Students of New York and New Jersey public schools are flocking to private schools due to frustration with the continuation of remote-learning. One such family is the Olivas who have happily transitioned to St. Patrick’s School in Yorktown Heights:

“As soon as the district announced in late summer that it would open for the new school year with strictly virtual instruction, the Olivas sprung into action: They pulled their children from the district and enrolled them in the closest private school with room.

Although Phil Oliva spends more than an hour each day commuting his children to and from St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Yorktown, in Westchester County, he doesn’t regret the decision.

“My kids love their new school and they love their teachers,” he said.

Photo: the Oliva Children, who transferred from public school to St. Patrick’s School, because we offer in-person learning. Photo by: Phil Oliva.

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