Central Office

Our central office is located in the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Building, in midtown Manhattan. However we have several other offices in the community to serve you. Please feel free to contact us.

Superintendent of Schools
Michael J. Deegan
Phone: 212-371-1011, Ext. 2802
Email: superintendent@archny.org

Chief of Staff
Lori Ziesel
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2854
Email: lori.ziesel@archny.org

Executive Assistant
Jacquelyn Hartey
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2879
Email: jacquelyn.hartey@archny.org

Office Manager
Marjorie Sinclair
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2898
Email: marjorie.sinclair@archny.org

Michael J. Coppotelli, Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2882
Email: michael.coppotelli@archny.org

Mary Stenson, Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2893
Email: mary.stenson@archny.org

Archdiocese Drug Abuse Prevention Program
Christine Cavallucci, Director
Phone: 718-904-1333, ext. 13
Email: ccavallucci@adapp.org

Catholic Identity
Linda Dougherty, Associate Superintendent of Catholic Identity
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 3056
Email: linda.dougherty@archny.org

Lucia DiJusto, Coordinator, Catechist Formation
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2843
Email: lucia.dijusto@archny.org

Child Nutrition Program
Kathleen Kelly, Director
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2763
Email: chilnutr@adnyeducation.org

Communications and Public Relations
T.J. McCormack, Director
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2889
Email: tj.mccormack@archny.org

Anna Burbano, Associate
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2850
Email: anna.burbano@archny.org

Curriculum and Staff Development
Stephen Marositz, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2820
Email: stephen.marositz@archny.org

Patrick Sitzer, Curriculum and Assessment Associate
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2856
Email: patrick.sitzer@archny.org

Early Childhood/Universal Pre-K Programs
Joanne Walsh, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2881
Email: joanne.walsh@archny.org

Elizabeth Cafaro, Early Childhood Operations Associate
Email: elizabeth.cafaro@archny.org
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2829

Monique Waters, Operational Assistant, Early Childhood/UPK Programs
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2896
Email: monique.waters@archny.org

Yliana Caldona, Administrative Assistant, Early Childhood/UPK Programs
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2877
Email: yliana.caldona@archny.org

Enrollment and Tuition Management Offices
Dana Sellers, Director, Tuition Management
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2711
Email: dana.sellers@archny.org

Veronica Jarek-Prinz, Director, Enrollment and Financial Assistance
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2826
Email: veronicajp@archny.org

Parent Call Center (open 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday)

Leadership, Recruitment and Formation
Sr. Anne Massell, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2875
Email: anne.massell@archny.org

Tamika Butler, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2883
Email: tamika.butler@archny.org

Public Policy and Student Services
Steven Pallonetti, Director, Government Programs and Student Services
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2815
Email: steven.pallonetti@archny.org

Secondary Schools
Sean Sullivan, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2825
Email: sean.sullivan@archny.org

Carmen Leon, Administrator
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2895
Email: carmen.leon@archny.org

Special Education
Eileen Murtha, Director
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2880
Email: eileen.murtha@archny.org

Strategic Planning
Adalgisa Rodriguez, Grants Manager
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2887
Email: adalgisa.rodriguez@archny.org

Catherine Birri, Strategy and Planning Associate
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 3287
Email: catherine.birri@archny.org

Iris Ho, Associate Director of Data Analytics
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2891
Email: SeeMinIris.Ho@archny.org

Teacher Personnel
Sr. Patricia Anastasio, Associate Superintendent
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2886
Email: Sr.Patricia.Anastasio@archny.org

Madeline Colon, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2897
Email: madeline.colon@archny.org

Technology & Systems Management
Patrick Davis, Director, School Technology
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2881
Email: patrick.davis@archny.org

Oneeka Jordan, Director, Student Info Systems
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2871
Email: oneeka.jordan@archny.org

James Varay, Director, Systems Management
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 3354
Email: james.varay@archny.org

Lillian Valentin, Director, Data  Collections
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext. 2884
Email: lillian.valentin@archny.org

Maria Cardone, Curriculum Analyst
Phone: 212-371-1011, ext.2868
Email: maria.cardone@archny.org