‘I wanted a career to help people.’ NJ Lt. Gov. Tahesha Way revisits Holy Rosary school in the Bronx (Source for picture and article: News 12 The Bronx Reporter Elly Morillo)

Tahesha L. Way may serve as New Jersey’s third lieutenant governor and secretary of state, but she was raised in the Bronx. On Wednesday October 4, she took a walk back in time through the halls of her old stomping grounds at Holy Rosary School in Pelham Gardens.

Holy Rosary helped me define my purpose, and it ultimately made me feel as the inner-city girl, worthy,” said Way.

Way attended the school from kindergarten through eighth grade. Way said the school helped her prepare for challenges, not knowing she would face her greatest challenge as a college student when she suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.

I decided at that moment that I wanted a career to help people just like the medical professionals at Montefiore Hospital right up the street were able to save my life and make my life whole again,” said Way.

Way says she hopes to inspire students to keep pushing forward.

It’s great to know that she went to the school and went through what we’re going through in the education system,” a student told News 12 when asked about Way’s visit.