Each month, 100.7 WHUD and MVP Health Care are honoring High School and Middle School teachers who are making a difference during these difficult times!

Here’s what students and parents say about Mr. Roach:

WHUD should honor my fifth grade teacher Mr. Roach because he is awesome. Mr. Roach is new to St. Columba this year just like I am. This is my first year at the school and I love it because of my teacher Mr. Roach. He make me want to try and push myself to do the best that I can in all of the subjects. He teaches our class Math, Religion, Social Studies, Science and ELA. One of my favorite subjects is Grammar because Mr. Roach makes learning fun. One time we were learning exclamatory phrases and he acted out the phrase, “watch out!” We all jumped out of our seats. It was very funny. He also calls me the preposition Queen! Mr. Roach is also very patient when he teaches our class. Sometimes it is hard because he teaches kids in school and he teaches the kids at home on the computer at the same time. Sometimes the internet doesn’t work. I really like how Mr. Roach doesn’t. keep us on the computer all day. He lets us do fun sheets!

Did I mention Mr. Roach is also an alien. We hear weird ringing noises that randomly go off in the class sometimes. There are also about 35 little green aliens in the class that are his friends. They come from their home to watch over us. He is a little “sus“, AKA suspicious! These are my reasons why Mr. Roach should be honored as the (Alien) Teacher of the Month! – Isabella L.

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